Trump rally voters respond to DNC

Even among his most fervent supporters there was some introspection

(CNN) – The line was long to see Donald Trump in Colorado Springs, but on the day after Hillary Clinton’s convention speech, it was she who was getting an extraordinary share of the attention and it wasn’t kind.

Chuck Marley, a Trump supporter, said, “I think she is a liar. I think she should be in prison.”

Maria Wiggins, another Trump supporter, also said, “She’s a liar.”

Mary Pearson, a fellow Trump supporter, explained, “I hate to say what I think of Hillary Clinton, but I hope she isn’t our next President.”

Gary Tuchman, a CNN national correspondent, said “The democratic national convention certainly energized democrats, but it’s apparent that convention energized trump supporters too. She said, quote, a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

Al Loma, another Trump supporter, said, “That’s strange coming from a woman who is responsible for the murder of four of our civilians, people in Benghazi.”

Tuchman: “That’s an allegation a lot of people say.”

Loma: “c’mon, even Stevie Wonder can she what happened there.”

Trump supporter after Trump supporter say they could trust him with the nuclear codes.

Pearson: “He has shown that he knows how to make the right decisions.”

And then there is this: Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30-thousand emails.”

Tuchman: “The other day, Donald Trump said that he hopes Russian hackers find Hillary Clinton’s emails. Do you think that was an appropriate thing to say?”

Jeff Taylor, a Trump supporter, explained, “He was joking. It was a tongue in cheek comment.”

Tuchman: “Did you think he was joking when you first heard it?”

Taylor: “Oh yeah!”

Tuchman: “How did you know that it was a joke?”

Taylor: “Just the tone of the man’s voice.”

Donald Trump is now claiming he was being sarcastic.

Tuchman: “So you’re saying that it’s okay for him to joke about something like that?”

Trump went on to say, “I watched last night Hillary Clinton. What a sad, sad situation.”

Many who came here to see Trump say they like him even more now following the convention.

Bud Brandvold, a Trump supporter, said, “I kind of like rednecks and I think Trump is kind of a redneck.”

Even among his most fervent supporters there was some introspection

Tuchman: “So your dad was a veteran. You’re dad fought in world war two. Did you see during the democratic convention or hear about it, that a Muslim man and woman spoke. Their son was killed in Afghanistan in the U.S. military, he pulled out the constitution and said Donald Trump, and you should read this? What did you think of that moment?”

Sean Rogan, a Trump supporter, finished with, “Well, maybe he should read it. Maybe that was a message to everybody in America.”

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