Teens in trouble over tower climbing stunt

While Kennedy says he'll continue to climb Noah Kingston is done

(CNN) – Two Canadian teenagers pulled off a dangerous stunt and posted it on Facebook for attention.

Justin Kennedy, who climbed tower said “I know I’m getting in trouble with the police.”

Justin Kennedy knew this video would have the law knocking at his door but he didn’t conceal his identity because he wanted the recognition.

Justin Kennedy: “I know I’m probably going to get charged. I’m not too worried about the money though, but like just the record, I don’t want to have that follow me the rest of my life.”

NB power was so shocked by the brazen climb. The utility contacted the police.

Sgt. Lori Magee, Saint John Police Force said, “This behavior will not be tolerated.”

Sergeant Lori Magee with the Saint John police force says it’s not yet clear what charges Noah Kingston and Justin Kennedy could be facing.

Sgt. Lori Magee:  “We’ve certainly looked at criminal mischief under the criminal code as a potential charge and possibly trespassing under the provincial act.”

While neither climber wore safety harnesses Kennedy insists he took some precautions.

Justin Kennedy: “But I did wear gloves at one point, just to like, make sure, best safety I could get, right?  The rubber gloves that the power line workers use, it helps somewhat.”

Turns out they wouldn’t have helped at all. Andrew Ahearn is with Saint John energy -he says the gloves hydro workers use – don’t protect against the amount of electricity going through transmission lines.

Andrew Ahearn, Manager of Field Operations said, “They’re tested 20,000 volts. They don’t even manufacture gloves up to that high of potential to be used. They have to use different tools.”

While Kennedy says he’ll continue to climb Noah Kingston is done.

Noah Kingston: “I’m done climbing now for me. That’s because of no one else and no one else has forced me to it. It’s a decision I made on my own.”

Kingston says he doesn’t want to encourage any copycat climbers. The police say even if he quits now, it won’t change their current investigation. Matthew Bingley, CBC News, Saint John.

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