Neighborhood watch member dresses up as a superhero

Just your friendly neighborhood watch member

Photo Courtesy: NBC News

(NBC) – A Florissant, Missouri man is on a crusade against crime in his town, and he’s doing it by patrolling the streets in a super hero costume, which has drawn criticism from some neighbors.

He’s far from your average neighborhood watch member.

Lately, this man has been drawing lots of attention and mixed reaction from residents.

Pamela Essen, a Florissant resident, said: “the first thing I thought was he was a WWE wrestler lost or something”

He wouldn’t reveal his government name on camera, but he goes by Citizen Saint. Since November, he’s set out to fight crime on streets like West St. Anthony with permission from the Florissant Police Department.

Citizen Saint said: “I had routes planned and places that I really wanted to go and have a presence. […] I will do what I need to do to make sure people are safe.”

Citizen Saint mostly comes out at night to patrol the streets. You can find him covered in his uniform that cost more than $2,000, which includes a bullet proof vest, a stun baton, and mace.

Though Citizen Saint has faced some criticism, mostly for his mask, neighbors are welcoming his efforts.

“A little bit more police protection would have been preferable, but if a citizen wants to step up, I’m ok with that,” said Citizen Saint.

Tamesha Wallace, a Florrissant resident, said: “knowing there’s a real life super hero trying to help better the community and keep it safe is amazing.”

“I like the idea of him walking around and keeping an eye on the neighborhood, because we’ve had lots of trouble in the past. We actually had our truck stolen out of our driveway one night,” said Pamela Essen.

And so far, crime has not been an issue.

Citizen Saint said: “They see me as more of a spectacle and they don’t want to be caught up in it, they move on.”

Florissant police say Citizen Saint is a member of their neighborhood watch program and that this is his own special way to raise awareness about safety.

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