Driver: No signs warning about the sinkhole in Longmeadow

The sinkhole has since been covered

longmeadow car in sinkhole
A driver was not hurt after the road beneath him started to give way on Llewellyn Street in Longmeadow.

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A sinkhole opened up on Thursday, swallowing a Longmeadow man and his car. It happened around 8:00 a.m. when part of the road on Llewellyn Street in Longmeadow began to sink. Much of the road had been covered in water as crews were trying to fix a water main break.

Longmeadow resident Bill Meara was on his way to work and didn’t notice that part of the road had caved in due to the water. Meara said he didn’t see any signs warning about the sinkhole at the time and that he stayed calm through it all.

“When I hit the hole, it sunk very slow. When they shut the water off, that’s when the car started sinking, when the pressure came off,” he told 22News. “I was never in real danger. Events like these aren’t critical but they’re part of life.” Crews were able to get him out of the car before it sank further.

The sinkhole has since been covered. His car suffered damage to its front end and radiator as well as water damage on the interior. Meara’s waiting to hear back whether his car needs to be totaled.

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