Sandy Hook lawsuit demands revealing of confidential gunmaker info

Both sides will meet again in court next month

(CNN) – A gun company at the center of a wrongful death suit filed by a number of Sandy Hook families wants to keep some documents sealed.

The lawsuit argues that the way in which the company sells and markets a military-style weapon to the civilian market is a form of negligent entrustment.

Peter Barry, attorney for Riverview Sales, said, “We filed a motion for a stay, one of my clients, specifically Riverview Sales Incorporated, has filed for bankruptcy proceeding.”

The case against Riverview Sales won’t move forward until its bankruptcy issue is complete. But as for the other defendants, it will proceed.

And when it does, some documents from the gun manufactures will remain confidential.

Josh Koskoff, attorney for the families, said, “Our position has been all along that this should be a very transparent case so every can follow it, learn from it, make up their minds from it and learn from there.”

Both sides were back before Judge Barbara Bellis Thursday afternoon as she weighed whether or not documents from gunmaker, Remington Arms – the parent company of the Bushmaster AR-15 – and Camfour, the gun distributor, should be sealed.

Judge Bellis said, “I’m quite confident there are going to be some protections offered, not any doubt, but the affidavit is too broad, need to come up with a procedure.”

Also discussed – how confidential documents would be handled during discovery, how they would be contested, and what would happen to them after the trial and the appeal process.

Remington claims that if the company records being requested by the families’ lawyers were made public, it would hurt them financially and benefit their competitors. But attorneys representing the families of the victims and a survivor argued, the AR-15 should have never been marketed or sold to civilians.

Koskoff said, “We’re going to learn a lot about this company. The issue of the protective order is not being able to share them to the outside the world, but we expect to learn fully what makes this company tick and why consistently push these products in the wake of what we’re seeing in society, why do they keep at it and what’s motivating them.”

Both sides will meet again in court next month.

Twenty children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. The gunman took his own life.

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