Project at Southwick Public Library already underway

The primary cause for the project was due to the constant leakage

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SOUTHWICK, Mass. (THE WESTFIELD NEWS)  – The Southwick Public Library is currently under construction as a project has been underway. The library’s old sprinkler system is being removed and then replaced with a whole new system.

The primary cause for the project was due to the constant leakage that has been occurring in the building. As the issues with the leaks are in the process of being resolved, it is a problem that has been present for some time now.

“Over the past few years, they’ve had numerous leaks with the sprinkler systems,” said Bill Fern.

Fern, the interim Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds for the Town of Southwick, is overseeing this project. Fern has been filling the role of the Buildings and Grounds position until the new Supervisor, Robert Johnson, officially begins.

With the fact that the sprinklers have been leaking over the past three years or so, it has been an important topic in the communitysouthwick-library-sprinklers-system-225x300 leading up to this work being started.

A town meeting was held by the Town of Southwick a couple months ago. The result ended up being that the money was approved for a brand new sprinkler system at the library.

The main issue with the leaks from the sprinklers is that some of the piping was too thin and was leaking above many of the book shelves.

Cogswell Sprinkler Co. from Worcester was hired by the Town of Southwick to be the contractor for the project. Fern said that the estimated cost towards Cogswell Sprinkler Co. would be $118,000.

Fern strongly believes that the progress of the project has been very positive. He stated that the removal of the former sprinkler system is anywhere from 75 to 80% complete. Once the old system is entirely taken out, the new system is expected to be installed in the next couple of weeks.

As this upgrade will be a good addition to not only the library but the entire town, Fern quite simply pointed out the main relief for citizens in the community.

“We don’t have to worry about leaks,” said Fern.

Fern also believed that not only will there be no leaks, but if the new sprinklers held up as expected, there could be no leaks for 20 years and beyond.

Since July 8, all visitors of the library have been handling their transactions with members of the library inside the front entranceway.

Although there is no exact date when the project will be finished, the plan is to have it complete just before school starts in the fall.

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