Next cool thing is a scooter suitcase

Top speed 8 and its state of the art lithium battery can go 8 miles

(CNN) – A new invention for those sick of lugging their luggage. It’s not every day you learn to drive a suitcase. Maybe you’ve seen the Modobag the motorized suitcase you can ride recently went viral.

Telescoping aluminum bar footpegs that pop out. So when Modobag’s creator, Kevin O’Donnell, offered to let us test drive it. We decided to carry on.

Instructor: “Then lift the handlebars up. Place your feet on pegs.”

There’s a thumb throttle for the electric motor.

Instructor: “It’s very responsive so kind of get used to it.”

Hand brakes like on a bike. How fast am I going right now?

Instructor: “Probably 6 miles an hour.”

Top speed 8. Its state of the art lithium battery can go 8 miles. It takes an hour to fully charge it and you can charge your phone or tablet on it.

I love it. I’m speechless. I love it. Never seen anything like it. You gotta be kidding me. This is what James Bond looks like when he’s walking into the airport without any trouble, as soon as the bad guys show up and he’s off. Goodbye 007.”

Kevin created the Modobag with a friend who’s a motorcycle engineer. You know those old suitcase commercials? Kevin joke tested his motorized bag wearing a gorilla suit.

If you’re going ape to have one, prepare to pay 1500 bucks when they start shipping in January, though early birds buying now pay 995 dollars. The ride was a little bumpy on New York’s cracked sidewalks but Kevin says the Modobag is FAA and TSA compliant, though it remains to be seen if airports would allow them were they to become popular.

Kevin O’Donnell, the creator of Motobag said, “Can you imagine showing up in court. Your honor I was on a suitcase and made an illegal left turn?”

Why just lug around your carry on, when it can carry you?

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