Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic nomination and makes history at DNC

Hillary Clinton makes history Thursday night at the DNC

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (MEDIA GENERAL) – Hillary Clinton has accepted her party’s nomination and will face off against Donald Trump this November.

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up in Philadelphia and Friday morning Media General correspondent Mark Meredith tells 22News that the cleanup could take all day.

We saw thousands of balloons, signs, even some fireworks Thursday night as Hillary Clinton wrapped up the DNC and made history when accepting her party’s nomination. Her speech focused on offering a sharp contrast to the one we herd a week ago, and she specifically offered an appeal to Americans who may be torn by party lines.

“I will be a President for Democrats, Republicans, Independents. For the struggling, the striving, the successful. For all those who vote for me and for those who don’t,” said Clinton.

Clinton’s speech hit on several themes about equality and she talked about her upbringing. However, Clinton spent much of the night talking about Trump. She didn’t focus her attention much on republicans as a whole, but instead she targeted Trump as a bigot and a bully.

Her speech was light on specifics about how she would accomplish ambitious economic and social goals, similar to Trump’s.

The campaign continues from here. Both candidates are in battleground states on Friday.

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