Friends of the Homeless needs donations of summer clothes

It has been the busiest summer ever at Worthington St. shelter

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Often, we are reminded of the homeless in the bitter cold; many people donate warm blankets and winter coats. But the summer heat can also be very dangerous to those living on the streets.

Bill Miller, Director of Friends of the Homeless, told 22News that this is the busiest summer they have ever had at their shelter on Worthington Street in Springfield. At high noon, people rest from the heat in air-conditioned rooms at the shelter.

You can help, however, by donating cooler clothes for the homeless to wear. Friends of the Homeless has a free thrift store, Essential Thrift, just a block down Worthington Street, where you can donate clothes.

“Short sleeves, shorts for men, shorts for women, just shorts, anything cool, light, lightweight blouses, shirts would be great right now,” said Patricia Moseley, who works at the Friends of the Homeless Essential Thrift store. The store is largely filled with winter coats and long sleeved shirts, but they need men’s pants for all times of the year.

The store, located at 501 Worthington Street, is also in need of toiletries and practical shoes such as sneakers or even flip flops, instead of dressier shoes.

Miller said despite the heat, he does see a majority of the homeless people still going to their daily appointments to make a better life for themselves.

To see how you can help, visit the Friends of the Homeless website at

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