Friday rain provided little relief for “stressed” lawns

Lack of rainfall, watering bans making it difficult to keep grass green

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Joe Dunn’s dogs hadn’t been out of the house for more than a week. But with temperatures down a little bit on Friday, he treated his pets to a trip to Forest Park.

“You can’t take dogs out anywhere, I mean people are sweating, let alone the dogs with all their fur and the coats they have,” said Dunn, a Springfield resident.

With the slightly cooler temperatures, parents were again taking their children to enjoy recreation in the park

“It’s not hot at all, thank goodness it’s not,” Nadine Rogers of Springfield laughed.

“The weather’s cooling down a little bit, do something outside. I have a four year old, it feels nice to be outside in cooler air,” Jason Patterson of Dudley said.

Cooler yes, but almost as dry as before, leaving lawns thirsty for relief. Apparently the Friday morning downpour had no significant impact on the drought.

“This helped just a little bit, we’ll take whatever we can get. We only picked up about a tenth of an inch, and some areas are still below six to ten inches for a year,” 22News Storm Team Meteorologist Adam Strzempko said.

Gary Courchesne, owner of G&H Landscaping in Holyoke, told 22News that Friday’s wet weather was literally a drop in the bucket for our stressed lawns.

Courchesne told 22News that you should not expect much improvement unless you water your lawn, and with many communities restricting or banning water use in this dry weather, that may be impossible.

“Water as deep as you can, let the turf go into drought mode, then water again. If you water just a little, you’re going to create a shallow root system,” Courchesne said.

Water ban violators haven’t been caught

But he added that you should not abandon all hope: if we get a good amount of rain soon, and water restrictions can be lifted, your lawn should recover.

To see if there is any more rain headed our way, check out the latest 22News Storm Team Forecast.

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