Water ban violators haven’t been caught

The water ban does not apply to food bearing properties or agriculture

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The grass won’t be greener on our side for a while as more communities are imposing mandatory water bans.

In Hadley, you can’t use a sprinkler, wash your car, or fill the swimming pool from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Their voluntary ban became mandatory on Thursday. Marlo Warner, DPW Director of Hadley told 22News, “It does not affect any food bearing properties or agriculture. The ban does not apply to them.”

Belchertown, Hatfield, and Southampton have had voluntary water bans since June. Amherst was added to the list this week. Hadley, Northampton, Orange, Shelburne, Ware and Westfield have mandatory bans, where you’ll be fined $100 if you’re caught watering.

22News contacted the police departments in those cities and towns to find out how many tickets have been issued to violators. They each said that since the bans have been in effect, they haven’t issued a single ticket, because they haven’t seen the problem themselves, or it hasn’t been reported.

“It’s one of those honor system-things anyway,” said Southampton resident Duane Gill. “If I thought someone was going way overboard, maybe then I would report it, but, you know, no.”

Police urge residents to remind neighbors about the ban, if you see them breaking it. Restrictions differ depending on where you live, and it’s up to you to check.

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