Plastic bags littered throughout Chicopee

Chicopee City Council is considering a plastic bag ban

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – They’re tangled in the bushes, tossed on the sides of your streets, even blowing around parking lots. The constant litter of plastic bags and Styrofoam is one reason the city of Chicopee wants to ban their use.

“I think we should completely get rid of plastic bags. They’re not good for the environment,” said Chicopee resident Renata Przbylek. “They go in a landfill and they sit there for years.”

Experts report it could take up to 1,000 years, or longer, for plastic bags to decompose. It takes even longer for Styrofoam, at a reported one million years.

“I do think a lot of people are careless. I’m sick of seeing them in the trees, and in yards and on the side of the road,” said Gail Holmes of Chicopee.

On Sanders Street, 22News found six different plastic bags in a small plot of land next to the highway. We also found Styrofoam cups and plenty of other trash littered throughout the property.

Chicopee City Councilor Tim Mclellan said the environment is one concern. The other, is Chicopee’s current garbage problem. Chicopee’s landfill is at capacity and when it closes, they’ll have to start paying to get rid of their garbage. He said if the plastic ban passes, he hopes there would be less trash, generating some savings.

Mclellan said the state is also considering passing a plastic bag ordinance that would apply to every city and town in Massachusetts. The proposed state-wide ban was passed in the senate, but is currently stuck in the house.

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