Ivanka and Chelsea: The parallel lives of candidates’ daughters

Ivanka and Chelsea have chosen not to be seen together in public during the election

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton will take the stage Thursday night to accept her party’s nomination for president. She’ll be introduced by her daughter Chelsea. It’s an honor Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka also had at last week’s republican convention. That’s not the only thing these two have in common.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. Long-time friends with seemingly parallel lives. Both women are in their 30s and both are new moms. Ivanka gave birth to her third son, Theodore, in March and Chelsea to her second child, Aidan, in June. Both women also lived through their fathers’ very public scandals.

Ivanka was 10 during Donald Trump’s affair with Marla Maples and the bitter divorce that followed it. Chelsea was in her teens during Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and his subsequent impeachment.

As adults, they each took roles in their family’s businesses. Ivanka is an executive vice president of the Trump organization and Chelsea is vice chair of the board of the Clinton foundation. These roles have led them to the campaign trail in support of their parents. A campaign trail ripe with insults and vitriol.

Donald Trump: “The other candidate in this race… you know her name: Crooked Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton: “Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief.”

Does friendship trump politics or does politics trump friendship? That depends on who you ask.

Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s Daughter said, “I am very good friends with Ivanka. And I love Ivanka and I think that friendship always trumps politics and that’s how it should be.”

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s Daughter said “Well, look, we’re children and we love our parents, so that’s the great equalizer and that’s the great common ground. So I’m incredibly proud of my father. So I think that she would probably say the same about her mother, so she’s probably very proud of her mother, and we certainly would share that, I would think.”

Vanity Fair reported in March that Ivanka and Chelsea have chosen not to be seen together in public during the election. Leaving many wondering if the rift between their parents will tear them apart too.

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