Hillary Clinton to accept party’s nomination at DNC day 4

President Obama, Vice President Biden and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine all spoke at DNC day 3

PHILADELPHIA, Mass. (WWLP) – At the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, President Obama gave his fourth and maybe final convention speech in Philadelphia after eight years in office.

Media General correspondent Mark Meredith has covered the convention for 22News from the start.

Hillary Clinton has been talked about as a presidential candidate for a long time. There of course was the heated campaign in 2007-2008, but Thursday night, eight years later, Clinton will officially accept her party’s nomination and make history at the same time.

Wednesday night, the convention heard from President Obama, who gave a glowing review of Clinton’s performance as a Secretary of State. President Obama knows all too well how high stakes are Thursday night when Clinton will give her speech. Polls have tied her with Donald Trump and tonight could be a crucial test to see if she can build a new lead.

Wednesday, we also heard from the man who’s name is also on the ballot in November, Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine. He’s trying his best to bridge the gap within his party.

“We all, we all should feel the Bern and we all should not wanna get burned by the other guy,” said Kaine.

Thursday morning. people could be talking about the current Vice President Joe Biden and his speech Wednesday night. Biden, who’s run for president himself before, doubled down on efforts to call out Trump as incompetent and dangerous.

Thursday night, we know the Clinton’s daughter, former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton will help with her mother’s introduction. It is unlikely Hillary’s speech will last as long as Trumps speech, more than an hour, but either way this convention will wrap up late Thursday night and then it’s on to the campaign trail.

Even after the conventions conclude, this race is far from over.

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