“Highly aggressive” fox seen near Massachusetts-Connecticut line

Man reported being attacked by a fox near Granby, Connecticut home

GRANBY, Conn. (AP) — Residents of Granby, Connecticut are being warned by police to watch out for a “highly aggressive” and possibly rabid fox seen in town.

Police say a resident of the Silver Brook Lane area reported Wednesday that he was attacked by a fox while on his home’s deck. That person sought medical attention and is being treated for rabies.

Several hours later a person mowing a lawn on a nearby street was charged by a fox.

A fox then jumped into a pool occupied by children, before getting out without making contact with the kids.

A fox was spotted two more times on Thursday.

Local animal control has set out traps and state wildlife officials have been informed. Anyone who sees the animal is asked to contact police.

Silver Brook lane is located in the northern portion of Granby, very close to Southwick and Granville, on the other side of the state line.

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