Health Checkpoints for your Pet

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Knowing pet heath checkpoints and first aid can save your pet’s life and save you a lot on vet bills!  Jim Helems, Owner of Jim Helms Dog Pals in Southampton told us what to look out for.

Pet first aid & CPR class on July 31st at Dakin Humane Society.

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Learn Snout To Tail Assessment:

  • Nose, Teeth, Gums, Hydration level, Eyes, Ears, Spine, Skin, Coat, Legs (Paws, Joints, Nails, Range of motion), Paws, Abdomen, Genitals, Tail and 5 critical vital signs (Gum Color, CRT (Capillary Refill Time) Heart rate, Breathing rate, Temperature) and weight

Stool, is it:

  • Firm, soft, Diarrhea, Bloody, mucusy, contain worms

Urine is it:

  • Clear, Dark, Cloudy, abnormally smelly, bloody

Visit vet at least once per year, but I recommend twice a year

Ask vet for geriatric screening after dog turns 7 (middle age for most dogs)

  • Blood Count
  • Chemistry Panel
  • Thyroid (T4)
  • Urinalysis & Fecal
  • Complete Blood Panel
  • Nutritional Consult
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Function
  • Liver & Kidney
  • Oral Exam
  • X-rays as needed



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