Dog Show in Studio 1A

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Next month, you can see a dog show right here in the valley! Linda Gagnon  from the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club told us about their dog show!

‘Paradise in the Valley’ Summer Dog Show

  • By the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club
  • Saturday, August 6th
  • Greenfield Community College
  • College Drive, Greenfield

About The Pioneer Valley Kennel Club:

The Pioneer Valley Kennel Club makes every effort to satisfy the needs and interests of all its members and stimulate interest in showing, training and breeding purebred dogs. It encourages its members to reach for and maintain the highest standards in any aspect they choose to venture in the world of dogs.

An extension to promoting purebred dogs through competitive events is the Club’s commitment to promoting humane treatment and welfare of all dogs. It allocates funds each year to organizations and projects that affect the health and happiness of all dogs. Donations are made to organizations such as ‘hearing ear’ training facilities, animal shelters, spay-neutering clinics, scholarships to deserving students pursuing an animal related field, funding for scientific research and treatments and other deserving projects as chosen by Club members.

PVKC supports and defends beneficial laws and speaks out against those deemed harmful to the general welfare of all dogs. To keep abreast of dog legislation and matters concerning the general welfare of dogs, the Club maintains membership in the AMERICAN DOG OWNERS ASSOCIATION and the MASSACHUSETTS FEDERATION OF DOGS CLUBS AND RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS. Many members are active on an individual basis as well.

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