Does the state owe you E-ZPass money?

One of the two E-ZPass lanes at Mass Pike Exit 6 in Chicopee is temporarily shut down.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We continue to follow a story that 22News broke first. Problems with an E-ZPass lane at the I-291 interchange, Exit 6. After we exposed the problem, MassDOT fixed the issue immediately, but you may be owed a refund.

Here’s what you need to do to find out if the state owes you any money for E-ZPass tolls. First you may have to start in your car. If you don’t remember your account number or never signed up online, you need to go to your car and look at your transponder and get the number that is on it.

Everything after that is on the computer. Once on a computer, you need to find the E-Z Pass Massachusetts website. From there, your going to click on “your account.” That will take you to the login screen, that’s where you may need your transponder number to sign in or create an account.

After that you’ll want to go to “check your account transactions.” Then you can select a range of dates or look at a statement. Once you select those dates you want to look for the column that says “Entry Plaza.” If an entry plaza is blank, you may be owed money if you went through Exit 6.

We found a blank entry where our car had entered through Exit 6 and exited through Exit 5.  It should have cost us $.25 instead we were charged $3.90.

If you find any issues with your account you then can call MassDOT to start the process to get your money back. The number is 877.627.7745 and hit option #3.

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