Shirtless man caught on camera stealing a school bus

Forget the trip to the principal’s office

(CNN) – Video of a shirtless man, taking a school bus for a joyride – and he didn’t get far.

The camera on board was rolling as he crashed the stolen bus.

Why would anyone want to steal a school bus? Better yet – who steals a school bus? Well, police say this guy, he’s 21 year-old Oscar Jimenez.

This is video from the bus cam. Its 6:25 Monday morning. Police say Jimenez jumped the fence at the Spring ISD bus facility on Richey.

The bus he stole was waiting to be washed. Made his way inside a bus and takes off. But he didn’t get very far.

As he’s leaving the property, he wrecks the bus. Jimenez takes off, jumping out of the back of the bus, and just like that, this field trip is over.

And forget the trip to the principal’s office. Jimenez went straight to jail.

He was due in court Wednesday.

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