Attention getting convention entrances and exits

sometimes there are things that happen that cause you to make an exit

(CNN) – At a political convention, it helps to make a grand entrance. Not to mention, a memorable exit. Entrances and exits can be hit or miss, like this miss of an air kiss. On the other hand.

Hillary’s shattered glass ceiling entrance was a hit. It had the audience chanting at her screen image. Though sometimes a miss can be memorable. For instance when Baltimore’s mayor was supposed to gavel the democratic convention to order.

Still she forgot to use the gavel. She walked off and 15 seconds later came back with a bang. It happened two more times. When the convention was being recessed, someone yelled “gavel” to remind the chair to return and swing that thing.

Taking a page out of Hitchcock. Donald Trump’s somewhat less portly silhouette made an entrance so dramatic it was parodied.

By actress Elizabeth Banks at the democratic convention. The women on the view spoofed it. So did Jimmy Fallon with Michael Jackson moves and Colbert made shadow puppets, got in a fight, and met a girl.

From dancing entrance to dancing exit. Check out how acting DNC chair Donna Brazile sashayed off stage. Howard dean’s exit was a scream. Michigan and Florida and Pennsylvania and then we’re going to the white house.

Though he left off the actual scream. That helped hasten his exit from the presidential race in 2004. Then sometimes there are things that happen that cause you to make an exit in this case a premature one.

When a protester poured a bottle of water on Geraldo Rivera’s head. Geraldo didn’t back down but his security guy hustled him away. A wonderful strong pillar of a man. Good thing that protestor wielded only water and not a gavel.

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