“Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”

A look at the movies

Rated R

1 hour 40 Minutes

Zach Efron, Andrew Devine, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – Once you get the gist of the title, “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”, this racy, raunchy, rollicking sex comedy leaves nothing to the imagination.

If you’re in the mood for anything-goes humor delivered with a sharp edge, this is your kind of movie. Misfit brothers Zack Efron and Adam Devine face a long overdue ultimatum. They’ve got to line up respectable dates if they hope to attend their sister’s ritzy Hawaiian wedding.

Who should they pick from thousands of prospective dates but conniving screwball phonies Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, posing as very proper, upscale millennials.

Adam Devine just could become a full-fledged movie star on the strength of his perfectly outrageous performance. Devine over-shadows everyone, with the possible exception of Aubrey Plaza, giving what has to be the highlight performance of her brief career.

“Mike & Dave need Wedding Dates” contains enough freewheeling off-color comedy to satisfy a finicky crowd obsessed with nothing but their raging hormones. But only if you don’t fine any of it too offensive.

“Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates” satisfies its own need for a well-earned 3 stars. This amusing popcorn movie know its audience and gives them exactly what they’re looking for.

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