Rattlesnake plan suspension left out of budget

ATHOL, Mass. (WWLP) – A proposal to stop the clock on the controversial plan to raise rattlesnakes on the Quabbin Reservoir was quietly left out of the state budget.

The state’s plan is to put endangered venomous timber rattlesnakes on a Quabbin Reservoir island that’s connected to the main land by a causeway.

At a legislative hearing in May, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton promised to explore other options and create a working group.

State Senator Eric Lesser wanted to put a one year halt on the plan.  The senate approved it, but it was not included in the final state budget.

“Absent that legislation they can still do it on their own, we’re hopeful that they will do it on their own, they’ve told us they will do it on their own, but if they don’t we can go back to the drawing board,” said Senator Lesser, (D) Longmeadow.

Barring any changes, the state has planned to begin putting the snakes on the Quabbin in the spring.

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