Leaking propane tank being emptied with controlled burn in Ludlow

A section of Cady Street is still closed

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Ludlow firefighters were working with Amerigas Propane Company to empty a leaking underground propane tank on Cady Street in Ludlow Tuesday night.  Ludlow Fire Captain Jeff Lavoie said they were drawing down the filled 500-gallon tank with a combination of a “controlled burn-off” and dissipation of the leaking gas.

“We’re providing a water curtain to keep the process safe,” said Captain Lavoie.  “We’ve minimized the leak considerably.”

A half-mile long section of Cady Street was closed when the leak was first detected around 4:00pm Tuesday at 289 Cady Street.  Captain Lavoie said no one was living in that home because it’s under construction.

One or two nearby homes were evacuated when the leak was first discovered Tuesday afternoon, but but those residents were allowed back in after the leak was controlled, according to Lavoie.

Ludlow Fire Captain Richard Machado told 22News that piping from the underground tank to the house was somehow damaged and caused the leak.  Captain Machado said there was no threat to public safety.  He said the Regional Hazardous Materials Team was monitoring propane levels in the neighborhood, and had determined there was no threat.

About a half-mile of Cady Street was closed from West Street to New Lombard Road in Chicopee.

Captain Lavoie expected the road would remain closed until 7:00 or 8:00am Wednesday when the leaking propane tank was expected to have been emptied by the controlled burn-off.

Captain Lavoie said the road was closed because a fire hose was stretched across Cady Street to provide the “water curtain.”

“If the hydrant were on the same side of the street as the leaking tank, we would not have had to keep the road closed,” Lavoie said.

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