Westfield gun maker settles with the EPA

Savage Arms agreed to pay $77,000 to settle the claims

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Savage Arms in Westfield has paid a settlement to the Environmental Protection Agency, and improved reporting of the toxic materials used in their manufacturing process.

Savage Arms makes nearly 1,000 rifles and small arms every day. During a 2014 inspection, the EPA discovered Savage had failed to submit required information on its use of lead and chromium in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

“It’s so important for a facility like Savage to keep its toxic inventory reporting updated because it is the first step to inform the community about the presence of chemicals in their neighborhood,” said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA’s New England office.

According to the EPA, once notified of the failure, Savage Arms submitted the required information, and agreed to pay $77,000 to settle claims.

Here is a description of the toxic substances in this case:

  • Lead, which does not break down in the environment and can affect almost every organ and system in the human body. The main target for lead toxicity is the nervous system, both in adults and children.
  • Chromium, which is a respiratory irritant that enters the body when airborne particles are inhaled. The company has air emissions control systems to capture these pollutants but nonetheless must report that it uses these substances.

Click Here for more information on the Toxic Release Inventory, including information on reporting facilities in your community.

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