Western Massachusetts copes with July’s heat and humidity

Kids coming by for their free lunch at Springdale Park have nowhere to keep cool

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts residents have been dealing with the heat and humidity. The recent steamy heat has Joggers like Christine Sgueglin of East Longmeadow playing it smart by altering their daily routine.

Christine Sgueglin, told 22News, “Try to run early in the morning, and stay hydrated, I forgot my water today and limited it to five miles, only five miles, only five today.”

During these hot days, Holyoke children like to cool off in a splash park but the Springdale Park’s been dry for the past month.

The City’s still waiting for a replacement computer part to get the water flowing again. Kids coming by for their free lunch at Springdale Park have nowhere to keep cool.

Michael Laboy, a 9th grader in Holyoke community charter school said, “Upset, why are you upset, because I came here to the park to get wet.”

Wet as in the Drivers in line at the Springfield registry Thursday morning.  They had to wait an extra hour because the Springfield registry opens at 10am on Thursdays instead of at 9 as it does the other four week days. By the time they got into the building, these men and women had worked up a sweat waiting.

Margaret Hiersche, of Palmer mentioned, “We couldn’t get in it was too busy, it was too hot, too many people here, so we came back this morning shots of the registry building and no lines.”

By Thursday’s 10am Registry opening, the temperature in downtown Springfield was 82 degrees, but fortunately within 45 minutes, the line moved quickly without any further waiting in the hot sun.

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