Private sector jobs increased in June

Private Sector jobs are on the rise

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HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, which shows employment opportunities are improving.

According to ADP, retailers and transportation companies added jobs at a solid pace in June. CareerPoint founder David Gadaire told 22News there are opportunities available for anyone who is looking.

“We’ve definitely seen more jobs being available, they are not always the jobs everyone wants or the jobs that people’s skills match up to best, but there is an increase in that kind of stuff and people are seeing more and more activity, and more and more churn in the workforce,” Gadaire explains.

The U.S. added 172,000 jobs last month. This is a sign that hiring may be picking up after a slowdown in April and May. According to ADP, 147,000 of those jobs come from small to medium sized businesses. These job creations present new opportunities for those seeking employment, or a change in career.

Kimberly Cyr told 22News she is using the services available at career point to help transition into her dream job of carpentry.

“I was in the work force for about 10 years and haven’t done a resume, so I am going to do that and try to find a new job,” Cyr says.

When looking for a new job experts advise you to keep an open mind about the process, and utilize career services that will help tailor your skill set to an employer’s needs.

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