Navy Seal trainee’s death ruled homicide

The admiral will decide if charges will be result in a court martial

(CNN) – In the autopsy report for 21 year old James Derek Lovelace. The official cause of death is listed as “homicide.”

On May 6th, Lovelace was taking part in a pool exercise at the Coronado naval base. It’s part of the basic training for seals. As seen in YouTube videos like this one above.

During the exercise, instructors were in the water with the trainees. Shouting at them, churning up waves and splashing them with water.

Witnesses say Lovelace, who was struggling in the water, was also dunked by an instructor. Quoting from the autopsy report: “Throughout the time period the decedent is observed to go under the water multiple times.”

According to investigators, an instructor appears to dunk Lovelace again.

“The instructor also appears to pull the decedent partially up and out of the water and then push him back.”

Michael Mc-Closkey is a San Diego attorney, who has 30 years’ experience as a military attorney in the Marine Corps.

The autopsy also notes Lovelace had a heart condition and a history of asthma. In his naval records, he is described as not a strong swimmer.

The report concludes: “It is our opinion that the actions and inaction’s of the instructors and other individuals involved were excessive and directly contributed to the death.”

Mc-Closkey says the navy conducts two separate investigations. The admiral will decide if charges will be result in a court martial.

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