‘Green’ Your BBQ

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Save money and the environment with ‘green’ party ideas. Claire Cuozzo and Diana Vasquez from the Center for Eco Technology in Florence showed us how we can party greener.

1. Establish a guest list so you don’t make too much food which can go to waste
2. Buy local – local ingredients didn’t have to be shipped across the country or beyond
3. Use reusable cups, plates, and flatware
4. Opt for pitchers of beverages instead of individual bottles and cans
5. Make guests bring home leftovers in reusable containers – you can even invite them to bring their own to the party!

-Send out e-vites instead of paper invitations
-Encourage guests to walk, bike or help them arrange a carpool
-Get a head count to avoid food waste
-Bring reusable bags to shop
-Try to use your own plates or buy disposable ones that you can compost

During the party:
-Clean the grill
-Use a natural gas or propane grill instead of charcoal, if you do use charcoal use FSC certified
-Cut up food into small pieces when grilling
-Label cups to avoid wasting

-Put trash, recycling and compost bins in noticeable areas, making sure that they are clearly labeled.
-Encourage guests to bring Tupper-ware so they can take home leftovers
-Using your dishwasher? Turn off the “heated dry” setting
-Donate leftover food to local food bank or shelter

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