Feeling comfortable in your own skin

CHICOPEE, MA. (Mass Appeal) – We all have our own insecurities and are our harshest critic, but we need to put down the negativity and pick up the positivity! Terry Standish of http://www.Eyeforfashionct.com visited the show to give us some tips on how to be comfortable and confident in our own skin.

Better choices vs less-

Have you ever thought…“I won’t buy anything until I lose all the weight”? or “It’s good enough”

A “fashion diet” restricts ourselves to what we own that doesn’t look or feel good to us. So it leaves us uncomfortable in both our skin and clothing. Buying better options that we would love to own and wear makes a world of difference. If we are planning on losing weight we can have our clothing taken in at the seamstress, consign them, get some of our money back or even use the cash we made in trade for new sizes or just donate clothing that no longer fits. Either way it doesn’t have to be a big financially expense.

Loving approach vs Shaming-

Have you ever thought…“I won’t be happy until I get back into my skinny clothes” or “Nothing fits so I had to wear my fat clothes “

When we are shaming ourselves and labeling our clothing we are focused on negative self-talk that leads to more sabotage. A more loving and forgiving approach would be to plan ahead to obtain our goals and support todays actions.

Expressing who we are vs Hiding

Hiding underneath over-sized clothing, wearing clothing that is too tight will distract and remind you how uncomfortable you are. If we are wearing dark or muted colors that doesn’t call to you, it will leave you feeling invisible, uncomfortable or deprived. The choices affect the overall mood. Expressing our inner sparkle and matching our taste empowers us to feel and do our best in the body we are in. We are then more likely to make better choices that support us. Giving up on expressing our personal taste is like only eating bland food when you don’t have to.

See your Image as a Guide vs Believing a Reflection

The mirror and the lighting alters what we see. Understanding it is an illusion that shifts and changes but can help you to support your progress and not to take it so seriously. Notice how the mirror distorts our view of anything around you before you begin to get ready and use it as a guide.

See yourself as a Moving Picture vs a Snapshot

People see more than your body parts that you are looking at. Focus on seeing you as an overall view rather than focus on body parts and pieces. Staring at what we perceive as a fault will become more pronounced.

Focusing on the Fit vs The Numbers- Only you know the size you are wearing or the number on the scale. The number is only relative to the designer you are buying from. Consignment shops clothing has been washed and may have shrunk. Sizes can also be miss sized. The sizes today are not what they were years ago and many sizes are not consistent even in within the same labels. Sizes are just a guide and are not accurate. Only the fit matters. By focusing on the number your pride and ego will continue to steal away the feeling of how good the next size could or does fit you.

Be the Friend you’d like to Shop with vs the Critic

Smile when you connect to you in the mirror before you start to judge the clothing. Laugh and enjoy getting to see what works for your body rather than becoming the person who you’d never take out shopping with you again.J

See yourself as a Canvas vs A body

The canvas to the artist is never wrong; it may just need different color paint and added lines and patterns to dress up the final look or picture. The key to creating that magical balance and harmony within ourselves before we step out the door is accepting ourselves today at this age, stage and size. A balance of what we think and feel between the mind-body-heart-soul of you so have fun working with the unique canvas called you.

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