Boston cabbie who turned in $187,000 offered a free cruise

The cruise offer is part of the company's "Ticket to Adventure" program

BOSTON (AP) — The Boston cab driver who got a $100 reward from a man who left a backpack containing more than $187,000 in his taxi has been offered a free cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruises on Wednesday offered 72-year-old Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland and his longtime girlfriend, Sharon King, a seven-day trip to the Caribbean, including airfare to Florida.

King says the Middleton, New Hampshire, couple’s lives have been crazy since MacCausland’s story made national news.

Boston cabbie turns in $187,000 left behind in his taxi

The money MacCausland found in his cab Saturday had been left there by a homeless man who had inherited it. MacCausland turned it into police, who confirmed its rightful owner.

A Royal Caribbean spokesman says the cruise offer is part of the company’s “Ticket to Adventure” program, which rewards people who perform “exceptionally selfless acts.”

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