Woman blames peanut allergy for high speed chase

Woman was speeding faster than 90 miles-per-hour

(CNN) – On this cruiser cam video you see the arrest and while the suspect’s voice can’t be heard, you hear the trooper’s response to her claim that she led a chase because she was having an allergic reaction.

Police Officer: “I see no starting rashes on this side.”

30-year-old Corneatia Hill was cleared by medical staff.  Officers say there was no sign of any reaction. She’s now being held in the Franklin County jail after leading a chase through busy downtown Westerville.

From the police car you can see some of the chase as it unfolded. Officers called the ordeal especially concerning to the public because Hill was speeding faster than 90 miles-per-hour through downtown streets at about 9:30AM, a time when many families were out and potentially in danger.

Hill now faces several charges including felony eluding, possession and traffic counts.

Officer: “I don’t think you understand the seriousness of what just happened, okay? You are under arrest for felony fleeing from the police.”

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