Two major accidents on I-91 brought traffic to a halt

Poor visibility and speeding are major contributing factors for accidents that occur

I-91 tractor trailer jackknifed
Image Courtesy: Springfield Fire Department

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There were two accidents Tuesday morning on Interstate 91 that caused traffic issues.

A tractor trailer was laying across both lanes of I-91 North in Longmeadow. The accident took place right by exit 2, near the Longmeadow/Springfield line. Carlos Rodriguez told 22News he is familiar with this area and takes extra precautions while driving along what’s known as the Longmeadow curve.

“Certain times you have to slow down, take it easy, I know there’s been a lot of accidents so just go really slow and take it easy,” Rodriguez says.

The accident on Tuesday morning is just one of many that takes place along the Longmeadow curve. The speed limit does drop from 65 to 45 but not everybody obeys that. Our 22News go pro camera shows you what driving the Longmeadow curve looks like when you are going the speed limit.

Winston Young has been a professional truck driver for 30 years and told 22News he follows a few simple guidelines to stay safe.

“Go slow, observe road signs, and how they change. Be aware of weather conditions, make sure your truck is in good mechanical standing, check tires and brakes and you will be alright,” Young explains.

Experts advise slowing down when approaching curves in the road, and accelerating gently once you reach the midway point.

Both directions of I-91 were dealing with traffic problems during the morning commute. Another accident took place on I-91 southbound in West Springfield near exit 14. Speeding combined with bad weather and poor visibility can lead to major accidents on the road.

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