Teen may be blind after fireworks accident

Family members called 9-1-1 and life flight took rowdy to Children's Memorial Hermann hospital

(CNN) – 15-year-old Rowdy Radford is known for building loud sparkler bombs. Rowdy’s mother, Wendy Smith, explains, “He went to the fire stand and bought $40 worth of sparklers.”

It’s through tears that his mom and aunt, Samantha Hansen, tell the story about the sparkler bomb Rowdy built Saturday night.

Hansen goes onto say, “He takes the sparklers and has one stick out of the center, and he uses that sparkler as the fuse, and once it gets down to the other ones, that’s when it goes ‘boom.'”

Rowdy didn’t get a chance to run away. The sparklers exploded almost instantly. Smith follows up with, “Then I hear people screaming, saying your son got hurt. Then after that, I don’t remember, I remember blacking out.”

Family members called 9-1-1 and life flight took rowdy to Children’s Memorial Hermann hospital. Rowdy had his left leg amputated below the knee he’s sedated, in critical condition.

Smith said, “Hopefully he’ll get his eyesight back because they couldn’t get in there and clean them because he has wires, sparkler wires in his eyes.”

As families across the state and country prepare to light fireworks Monday, Wendy urges them to rethink their plans.

Smith concludes with “I pray and hope they don’t do it. Because I don’t want them to go through the same pain that rowdy’s going through.”

She’s asking for your prayers, “He is a fighter.” As their family spends this holiday by rowdy’s side.

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