Ripping up roadway for Route 9 reconstruction

22News has an update on the Route 9 reconstruction project and what crews are doing now

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP)- Traffic can be heavy on Route 9 in Hadley, but with a $3 million reconstruction project underway it’s been more hectic.

Don Chevannes, of Easthampton said, “When you trying to get somewhere and then all of a sudden you see a slow up the first thing you think is it’s an accident then you find out it’s not an accident, it’s just that they have construction. Which is badly needed but you would hope that they would be more considerate about the people that travel during the day.”

The state is spending over a million dollars to widen Route 9 or Russel Street.  At the same time the town is replacing a 100 year old water line underneath the roadway, which will save them $200,000 . The town will be paying about $280,000 for the project.

The majority of construction is happening between Middle and West Streets, where crews are ripping up pavement and putting down steel plates. Hadley Police are warning drivers that if they are going too fast they will either pop a tire or cause damage to their suspension.

Some local business owners have used the traffic as an opportunity to advertise. Ellen Boyle, the owner of Kitchen Concepts on Route 9 said, “What we did was we put out a sign that says a stuck in traffic sale, and what it’s done is it’s brought people in the store to see what we have if they are going to be sitting here for an extra ten of fifteen minutes they mind as well make use of their time.”

The majority of work takes place between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., but don’t lose your hubcaps, if you are trying to make it through the area you can take detours, including Bay Road.

The next phase will be from Town Hall to the East Street Intersection, which is expected to begin in about five years.

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