Keeping your little ones safe in the water

Two-thirds deaths happen in the months between May and August.

(CNN) – Safe kids worldwide has a warning for parents enjoying the water this summer. Stay alert!

According to a new study from the organization a leading factor in child drownings is a false sense of security among parents. Parents believe that if a child is drowning, they’ll hear them. But in fact, drowning is frequently silent.

The group recommends designating a water watcher. You can do this for 15 minutes where you keep your eyes on all kids who are in the water at all times for your shift. And then you pass on the responsibility to another adult who’s there.

Drowning can happen in as little as a minute so make sure to stay close.

We want to encourage all parents, particularly parents of young children, to be within an arm’s reach of their child and don’t think because there is a lifeguard on duty, you can let your guard down.

Lifeguards are there to make sure that the rules are followed, they are to scan, to rescue, to resuscitate, but not to become a babysitter or to supervise children. That’s a parent’s or a caregiver’s responsibility.

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