House lawmakers to consider $594M economic development bill

House likely to pass bill, which Governor Baker supports

Massachusetts House Chamber

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Legislature has just 26 days to take up controversial bills before they recess for the rest of the year.

House lawmakers plan to take up an economic development bill Thursday, which is meant to boost businesses and jobs in Massachusetts. The proposal doesn’t come cheap- it is expected to cost taxpayers $594 million over three years. The money would come from the sale of bonds- money borrowed to pay for large-scale projects.

The economic development bill is loaded with a series of grants and tax credits to help attract businesses to Massachusetts, and in turn, create jobs in sectors such as information technology and advanced manufacturing.

Under the bill, $500 million would be directed to the MassWorks Infrastructure Program, which helps cities and towns pay for projects that lead to economic development and job creation.

House lawmakers will likely approve the bill on Thursday, sending it over to the Senate for their consideration.

Governor Charlie Baker supports the bill, saying that he believes the money and programs will go a long way to spur economic development across the state.

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