Fireworks fails highlight July Fourth celebrations

(NBC News) Millions of Americans took in firework shows over the Fourth of July holiday, most of which went smoothly.

Still, each year there are reminders of how dangerous they can be.

In Plymouth, Massachusetts two barges carrying fireworks went up in flames.

“All of a sudden everything just lit up. It was like the grand finale that never got more than 30 or 40 feet in the air,” David Becker of Plymouth says.

Edmund, Oklahoma’s Libertyfest was cut short when a firework malfunctioned and shot too close to the ground.

There were similar incidents in Fairplay, Colorado and in Mount Vernon, Kentucky when fireworks fell off of a stand and shot into the crowd.

Fortunately there were no major injuries in any of those accidents.

But in Houston, Texas 15-year-old Rowdy Radford is in serious condition after tying some 200 sparklers together and lighting them.

He lost part of a leg and multiple fingers, and he may lose his eyesight as well.

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