Easthampton Public Safety Dispatch recognized for excellence

Dispatchers surpass state requirements for training

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – 911 dispatchers are the people that answer the phone when you are most in need. Easthampton Public Safety Dispatch recently received accreditation for the way they handle emergency calls.

PowerPhone, a 911 call handling system provider, reviewed some of the medical calls that the Easthampton Dispatch Center takes. The dispatchers were noticed for making significant upgrades over the past couple of years, which included moving from pen-and-paper to tablet computers.

Using the tablet takes the emergency dispatcher through a list of questions to ask callers. That way in the event of an emergency, a dispatcher can efficiently deduce what is wrong, send emergency crews, and advise people what to do while they wait for those crews to arrive.

“It’s very important that we have these standards in place, and the protocol system that we use, PowerPhone, is great because like I said, it’s at the touch of our fingers. And seconds matter when it comes to a medical emergency; we can get the units out there faster,” Easthampton dispatch supervisor Lauren Mielke said.

Easthampton has been recognized for surpassing the state-mandated minimum levels for dispatch training. They have also been highlighted for continuing education, and certificates in EMD and CPR.

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