“The Shallows”

A look at the Movies

Rated R

1 Hour 25 Minutes

Blake Lively

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Just when Blake Lively thought it was safe to go surfboarding in Mexico, along comes “The Shallows,” the most intense shark attack thriller since “Jaws.”

“The Shallows” runs a modest 85 minutes without wasting a second telling its gripping story of survival.

Blake Lively sets off on what she thinks will be a sentimental journey to Paradise.

Apparently he mother never mentioned anything about avoiding a picturesque lagoon that doubles as a feeding ground for a very hungry shark.

The stunning cinematography only serves as the appetizer for the terror that suddenly surfaces with plenty of shock and awe.

Blake Lively plays it to the hilt in what’s essentially a one character scenario, if you don’t count the shark.

Sony Pictures gambled that the summer movie crowd still hasn’t lost its appetite for the thriller of watching an endangered human matching her intelligence against a determined beast, who’s no dummy.

It doesn’t take long to realize “The Shallows” is a first rate shocker. Blake Lively’s grueling performance will stay with you long after the closing credits.

And the way the director builds up the suspense is a thing of cinematic beauty.

Which brings me to the inescapable conclusion that “The Shallows” takes you deep into your worst fears with 3 stars.

I had my doubts going in, but one hour and twenty five minutes later, I was exhausted from all the emotional stimulation I could handle for one night.

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