When should you fly the flag at half staff?

Some people question whether we've lowered the bar for the solemn tradition

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We’ve seen several occasions recently where governments have ordered flags lowered to half staff. A recent Associated Press survey showed that nearly everyday, somewhere in the country the stars and stripes fly at half staff.

Veterans groups such as the American Legion maintain that it’s only proper to lower the flag during Memorial Day and following the death of a veteran. Kevin Szczygiel, commander of American legion post 420 in Springfield, told 22News “My personal opinion lowering the flag to half staff is meant for veterans, that sort of thing, it seems it’s lowered for everytime someone dies I think it’s getting out of hand.”

Sentry Uniform in Chicopee sells flags. Eileen Pare, who owns Sentry Uniforms in Chicopee, sells flags. She says those who buy the flags lower them to half staff for many reasons. “There’s flag etiquette should follow, but there are other flag guidelines that yuo can go by. If someone gets killed, like a policeman, we can lower our flags to half staff in honor of them.”

Also according to the survey, some people question whether we’ve lowered the bar for the solemn tradition of lowering the flag to half staff.

Think you know how to display the flag? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

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