“Three Amigos” bungled handshake

It was a three-way handshake that left some shaking their heads

(CNN) – When leaders gather, it’s hard enough deciding who goes first; you, no you, no, you. Also, you’ve got to figure out how to fill up a photo op, but that’s child’s play compared to pulling off a three-way shake. It was a hot mess of a hand shake that almost begged to be put to music.

They may call the leaders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico the three amigos, but their namesakes were far more coordinated.

Jeanne Moos, CNN National Correspondent, goes onto say, “Instead of the three amigos, some critics compared them to the three stooges.”

This isn’t the first time a three-way shake has failed, but at least one earthshaking handshake worked, which was sealing peace between Israel and Egypt.

Hand-raising only raises the stakes. For instance, when Raul Castro tried to lift the limp arm of a resistant President Obama.

Handholding can invite mockery. President Bush and the Saudi Prince got the late night treatment.

Touching a world leader tends to be touchy. Remember when an overexcited pizza shop owner picked up the President. Physical contact can be hit or miss.

Ted Cruz was a hit, when he poked, then elbowed his own wife.

Joe Biden wasn’t the only politician to get too close for comfort.

Barack Obama accidentally planted one smack on Jill Biden’s lips, but of course they’re only amigos. Maybe it’s safer for amigos to shake.

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