Social media leads to misinformation about local reservoir

GRANVILLE, Mass. (The Westfield News) – Cobble Mountain Reservoir still remains closed to the public, in spite of what people may have seen on social media.

Instead, Wildcat Road in Granville has been reopened. The road runs adjacent to the Cobble Mountain Reservoir where Springfield Water and Sewer maintains a water supply, and it appeared to several people that the road led to the reservoir, hence the confusion.

Doug Roberts, Granville Highway Superintendent, said that the road was originally closed due to storm damage following Hurricane Irene in 2011. It has since been reopened to allow for easier travel while construction efforts take place on Route 57. Construction is expected to take six weeks.

Roberts also said that the road will remain open after construction through the summer, and going forward would be open during warmer months and be closed during the winter months.

As for the Cobble Mountain Reservoir, it will continue to be closed for the foreseeable future. It is currently patrolled by Mass. state troopers and is heavily posted with “No trespassing” signs.

“The reservoir has been closed to public access since 2001,” Joyce Mulvaney, Public Communications Director for Springfield Water and Sewer, said. “A lot of safety measures were put in place around 9-11.”

Cobble Mountain Reservoir provides around 30.4 million gallons of clean water daily to the cities and towns of Springfield, Agawam, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow and Ludlow.

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