Makeup tips: color correcting

CHICOPEE, MA. (Mass Appeal) – Between discoloration, skin problems, and other factors, a flawless complexion seems far fetched to obtain, but it doesn’t have to be! Cristina Haracsy with Divine Elegance Makeup Artists gave us some tips on color correcting!


  • rednessgreen corrector
  • mild stubborn redness or rosinessyellow corrector
  • brownish dark circlesyellow or peach corrector
  • sallowness/yellownesslavender corrector
  • dark circles, fair to light complexionsalmon corrector
  • dark circles, light to medium complexionpeach corrector
  • dark circles, medium to dark complexionorange corrector
  • dark circles, dark to deep complexionred concealer


*Conceal the spots you applied the color corrector to. Use the same shade as your skin tone and then apply your foundation.

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