Some of the worst drivers in the country are in Springfield and Boston

We all think we've experienced the absolute worst drivers, but where, really, are the worst drivers in the country?


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We all think we’ve experienced the absolute worst drivers, but where, really, are the worst drivers in the country? 22News wanted to know, once and for all. So, we asked drivers.

We asked, “When you see license plates, what state do you think has the worst drivers?” Chicopee driver Samalid Hogan replied, Um, Connecticut. Yes, yes. I’m sorry guys. You drive pretty bad.”

“Connecticut. Connecticut drivers. They think they own the road. You know, but Springfield here, a lot of people are texting, people recently died from texting, which is like terrible,” said Jose Sierra, a driver in Springfield.

Then we looked at the data. According to Allstate Insurance’s annual report on safe drivers, Boston once again ranked 200th of 200 cities as having the worst drivers. However, also ranking in the top ten for worst drivers was Springfield at 196, Worcester at 199, and Providence at 194. While Connecticut didn’t have any state in the bottom 10, New Haven, Connecticut did rank at 190, or 11th worst.

One factor the study accounted for was the number of years between collisions. In Springfield, that’s 5.7 years, but in Boston, it’s 3.7 years. Other factors included the likelihood of drivers in that city to get in an accident and how often drivers had to brake per 1,000 miles. Here are the other criteria for the rankings.

“I can totally understand why people would complain about Boston, but in Springfield, we don’t have a lot of traffic, but I guess when we do, we get pretty upset!” said Hogan.

Bill Trudeau, President of the Insurance Center of New England told 22News these results are not all-inclusive, but they can impact insurance rates in cities. He said it still pays off to be a good driver. Even in a city with high insurance rates, a driver can pay a lower rate by having six years of no speeding tickets or accidents and driving a car that isn’t considered attractive to thieves. He said insurance companies also look at many other factors when determining the rates for cities, including drivers per capita and crime rates as well as the state’s laws on penalizing drivers for accidents.

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