Pregnant teen beaten by customer over straws

The 19-year old Wendy's employee is now recovering in the hospital

(CNN) – It’s the call no mom ever wants to get.

Heather Salcedo, victim’s mother said, “One of her coworkers called me and let me know she had been attacked.”  Heather’s 19-year-old daughter Tori, who is 3 months pregnant is now in a hospital bed, covered in cuts and bruises.  Salcedo said, “It was horrible.”

Witnesses say she was beaten by customers while working the drive thru at this Wendy’s off of highway 40 in Independence.  It happened late Sunday afternoon. They say a purple dodge charge pulled through after making an order.  Salcedo said, “She said you forgot to give us our f**** straws and she said no ma’m they’re in your bag.”

Onlookers saw three women and a man in the car arguing escalated.

Salcedo said, “She noticed that one of the women had gotten out the car and was standing at the window.”

Suddenly, the teenager wasn’t behind the glass anymore. Her mom says she was beaten through the window and fell onto the concrete.

Salcedo said, “If you would do something like this over straws and ketchup, I’d hate to see what you would do to somebody if you were really upset.”

While police investigate, Heather Salcedo wants whoever did this to know that despite these injuries, her daughter isn’t living in fear.  Salcedo said, “She’s ready to go back to work and serve her customers. She’s not scared.”

Police have not made any arrests yet.

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