Plane crashes on Detroit street

Plane Crashes on Detroit Street
18-year-old pilot towing a banner on his plane when it ran out of gas and crashed.

(WDIV) A small plane crashed Monday night on a neighborhood street in Detroit.

Police Chief James Craig said the 18-year-old pilot was towing a banner and was forced to release it when the plane ran out of gas. On the way down, the plane struck power lines.

A woman on the ground was hit and shocked by a live wire. She is in serious condition after suffering a shock.

The plane has been forced to make an emergency landing at least one time before, according to a report by the National Transportation Safety Board.

“I look over there and that’s when I saw the lady hit by the wire and she was on the ground,” witness Davion Dearman says.

“The man in the plane, he jumped out and ran over here with us. They did CPR on her and she came back because they put her on the stretcher and hooked her up to the breathing machine,” Dearman adds.

The pilot was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but was not seriously hurt.

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