Aftermath of West Virginia flooding

The break in rain and receding floodwaters allowed for search and rescue teams to go door-to-door to search for people who hadn't been heard from since the downpours began.

(NBC News) People in West Virginia trying to bounce back from epic floods are now facing more rain.

Areas hit hard on Friday are under another flash flood watch.

The National Weather Service calls it a “thousand year” flood.

Ten inches of rain fell in just one day, washing away homes, cars, and lives.

Survivors with things left to salvage wonder which piece of a million pieces to pick up first.

Neighbors are doing whatever they can to help the victims.

Members of the Marshall University football team joined the cleanup.

“It kinda hurts, just because, you know, you look at some of those streets that you played on and they’re under water. And there’s people that don’t have homes, don’t have food, don’t have the infrastructure that they need to live just like you know, your average person,” Clinton Van Horn of the Marshall University football team says.

With more than 400 people in shelters and thousands without power, a house to house search is now underway for potentially more victims.

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