C-3 initiative circus day event in Mason square

The C-3 initiative meets every Tuesday at the Mason square library at 10am

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police officers who patrol the Mason square area, held a community circus event for residents.

This event was all about bringing the community and the police together, to strengthen community ties.  The Mason square C-3 initiative held a community circus day event.  It was all about bringing the Old Hill neighborhood and the Mason square C-3 together.

Organizers brought community resources to residents.  Hap housing, Springfield water and sewer, and the Springfield fire department, were just some of the resources on hand. This area has seen its share of violence and the C-3 initiative are encouraging residents to speak up.

Richard Johnson, C-3 Initiative said, “And the C-3 meeting actually accomplish that. Whether or not it’s in the moment or after the fact. If you say something, when you see something, there’s an effort make sure that something doesn’t occur again.”

Herman Pittman of Northampton said, “We need more team players like myself making sure we’re working together to build a community.”

Organizers hope the event will bring the community closer and increase community meeting.

For residents who live in the area, the C-3 initiative meets every Tuesday at the Mason square library at 10am.

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