When seniors need to consider no longer driving

Warning signs: crashes, small dents in the car, getting lost

WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a delicate conversation that’s difficult to approach, telling an elderly family member it may be time to stop driving.

That was the topic of a Senior Safety discussion in Wilbraham Wednesday night. It was meant to help seniors and family members identify potential warning signs that a loved one might be an unsafe driver on the road.

“Are they getting into car crashes?  Are you seeing dents in the cars when they’re coming home?  Or are they getting lost when they’re traveling out?” said Home Care Consultant Angie Thornton|.

Those are some of the main warning signs that a senior might need to start thinking about giving up the car keys, for their own protection, and for that of everyone else.

Thornton said it’s important to involve your loved one in a compassionate conversation, and not just “talk at them.”

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