Westfield man charged with assaulting police officer

Police: McClenahan had “obvious signs of intoxication”

Jesse M. McClenahan (Image Courtesy: Westfield Police Department)

WESTFIELD, Mass. (THE WESTFIELD NEWS) — A Westfield man is charged with assaulting police after being involved in an altercation with them over the weekend.

Police arrested Jesse M. McClenahan, 33, of 35 Brookline St., and charged him with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was arraigned on all three charges in Westfield District Court on Monday. McClenahan was released on $100 bail.

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According to court records, on June 18, at around 2:15 a.m., police were told of a man that was found by an unidentified party “‘passed out’ in a large flower planter” on Elm St. The police investigated and reported that they found McClenahan “lying passed out on top of a concrete flower planter.”

Police reported that McClenahan had “obvious signs of intoxication,” which included slurred speech, glassy eyes and an odor of alcohol. According to the court record, police asked McClenahan for identification and he reportedly threw his wallet at the officer.

After McClenahan threw the wallet, police reported that McClenahan then lunged at the officer with both fists, attempting to punch the officer. Police reportedly wrestled him to the ground, and after a brief struggle, were able to subdue McClenahan. Police then brought him to Westfield Police station for booking.

McClenahan is due back in court Aug. 9.

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